Large, round, vibrant, disease-resistant tomatoes, deliver the sweetness of life straight from garden to table. ‘Bodacious’ is our new superstar—gorgeous, juicy and prolific. Lovingly bred by Burpee, these large, round, vibrant, pure-red 10–12 oz. fruits entice with heirloom aromatics and tangy tomato sweetness. Add scrumptious pizzazz to sandwiches, burgers and salads. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle freshly cut basil over arrayed mozzarella and ‘Bodacious’ slices. Toward the end of July, the bonanza begins: compact 5–6' vines yield 8–10 spectacular fruits a week and a bold, audacious 40–50 per season, per plant. ‘Bodacious’ tomatoes grow in large clusters—easy to pick and no cracking. Excellent “laugh-off-blight” resistance Indeterminate

Bodacious (I)

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